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Hi, My name is Aida. I'm from Lakewood, CA and I've been a caregiver for 6 years.

What have you learned from caregiving?

Well as a caregiver I learned to love my clients. The patients are good to me and I reciprocate to them also with my love, my care, and understanding. But most of all, with my time. I give all my time to them. It depends on my schedule and working, taking care of my clients. That is my goal. My goal is to be of service of them wholeheartedly and perfectly.

Who is your most memorable client?

In my care giving experience, my last client is a lady. I started working with her at her age of 90 but she was almost 95 years old when she died. I had been working with her for almost five years. My care giving experience with her is something that I could remember. It's that I love her so dearly because she's like my mother and the family are very good to me.

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