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Can you tell me a little about yourself and how you got into caregiving?
My name is Angelica I am from San Pablo, California. The reason why I wanted to become a caregiver is because I want to get into the field of helping families. What I enjoy about helping families is that I get to let the family know in their mind that they're loved one is at home in good care home. I get happiness from knowing that they know that they're in good hands.

What have your learned from caregiving?
As my time working a facility as a CNA I learned a lot of things about residents where some had dementia, some didn't know who you were, some did, some liked you as you walked through the door, some didn't. So working there for about four months I learned that you got to take everything one step at a time. It starts all over again so you got to reintroduce yourself, you've got to let them feel secure, you've got to gain that trust back. But working there for four months I learned a faster tips just better communication skills. Some didn't even want to see me, some didn't even know who I was and I learned that reintroducing yourself, getting their trust it made everything worth while, worth going back for. I didn't really get the experience working a facility the one-on-one experience where I got to really communicate with every resident because it was so fast paced. So that's why I entered home care I want to actually communicate more with my patient, learn more about them, tell them more about me, have family learn more about me as well that way we all are on the same page and working together to have their loved one happy.


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