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Can you tell me a little about yourself and how you got into caregiving?
My name is Antionette. I've been a caregiver for over two years and I live in San Francisco. I started as a caregiver when my friend needed my help. I was able to be there to help them with personal hygiene, cooking and cleaning. Everyone in my family began asking me for help, so I was able to make it my job.

What are some of the specialties you've had experiences with as a caregiver?
I have worked with many types of patients including a paraplegic patient, a home-bound patient and also a person with cerebral palsy. Caring for the person who had cerebral palsy, I was able to go to appointments with her, help her with her groceries, and go to the nail shop with her. She was like a friend and a client. For the client who was paraplegic, I would turn him, feed him, clean and take him to his daily doctor's appointments. I also helped him with his daily routines and range of motion exercises. 

What do you think makes you a great caregiver?
I feel that I'm a good home-care provider because I give them the extra push they need to have a happy day. I'm able to show up and give them the smile that I always have. I'm always happy, and wearing bright colors, and able to make them feel better about their day. When they're moody, stressed out or unable to move on their own, I put on music, or I read them a book. I take time to figure out what makes them happy.

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