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How did you become a caregiver?
I became a caregiver because I like to take care of people and I like to help people. It seems like I am driven to do something like that, and that's kind of my dream and goal to do. I go to college for sugerical nursing. It's one of my passions and something I've always wanted to do.

Who is one of your most memorable clients?
The first person that comes to my mind when I think of caregiver is my last patient Juliana. When I think of her, I think of the bond we had over the last two years. What I admired most about Juliana is how resilient she was. She was very strong even though she didn't have a lot of education. She seemed to know more than a lot of the people that I knew, especially with treating others. She was very generous with her family. 

What piece of advice would you give to a new caregiver?

If I could give one piece of advice that would be to be mentally organized with the schedules and situations that you have to do for your patient or the person you are taking care of. If you miss a dose or you miss a doctors appointment it came be very threatening for the person you're taking care of as well as yourself, you won't feel very good about it. 

What is your proudest moment as a caregiver?
What I'm most proud of as a caregiver is how much information that I've learned out of taking care of someone for as long as I did. I feel really grateful that I was able to learn so much from the people that I took car of, especially with the medical field that I am going into. Not only that, it gives me a purpose.
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