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Hi, my name Ayo. I live in Los Angeles, CA and I've been a caregiver for over 13 years.

How did you get into caregiving?
I became a caregiver by taking care of my grandparents back in Nigeria over a long time ago at a very young age. And my grandmother was diabetic, and my grandfather had a partial stroke and also hypertensive as well. So I was taking care of them after school. I come take care of them and was very interested in doing it because I cared for them and they were always happy to see me as well, and I was always happy to-- I was always looking forward to helping them do-- I assisted them in things that they needed. And I found a lot of interest in doing it, just caring for people in general, including kids as well. I've been a caregiver for over 13 years, and I'm doing it till now. Even if I went to college and got my bachelor's, I-- I usually do it on the side. And today I'm still doing it because it's something I really, really love to do, to care for people.

What advice would you give to a new caregiver?
My advice to a new caregiver will be to be extremely patient. To be patient shows that you care. It shows that you are listening it shows that you-- when you're patient with them, you get to hear-- you get to see what they need. You get to hear what they're telling you, and you're to always be connected with your-- with your client, meaning that you're there to help them. So you're there because of them. You're there because they need you. So be extremely patient and understand that when you're in their environment, you are-- you are there to make them feel comfortable. So whatever you can do to make them feel comfortable should be your priority. Whatever you can do to make them feel okay, make them feel better than yesterday is what you can do. Every little detail counts. You just try and do-- to always try and help and to always try and be there to listen. My advice will be, in summary, is to be extremely patient with them and to always make sure that today is better than yesterday and always leave a smile. Whatever you do, try to leave a smile on their face before you leave and-- so they're looking forward to seeing you again. It lifts up their spirit when they see you the next day, and it's a great accomplishment when someone you're working with is willing to see you the next day. It's a great thing. It's a great feeling. So, yeah, that would be my advice.

Who is one of your most memorable clients?
A client I will never forget, Mary in Maryland state. She was very active. You know, she talked about a lot of things in her family with me. But the most memorable day is the day she was taken to the hospital. And it wasn't my shift. And she was in the hospital. And I think she had fallen or something had happened, but it wasn't my shift. And she was in the hospital, and her children were with her. And the doctors believed that she wasn't going to make it. And she had requested for me to come. She wanted to see me before she goes. I left school then because I was in college. And I left school, and I drove to the hospital. And she held my hand, and she said, "Thank you for everything." And a couple of minutes later, she passed. That time was memorable moment.
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