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Hayward · 9 years experience

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Can you tell me a little about yourself and how you got into caregiving?
My name is Carmeltta I live in Oakland California. I got into caregiving my great-grandmother was sick and I was still in my grandmothers so I helped her take care of my grandmother until she passed away and I've been liking it ever since.

How did you improve your clients condition?
 I chose caregiving because I did try to go to college, I did do a medical assistant for a year and it just didn't work to me. I like the bond that I have with my clients, I like to get to know my clients, I like to develop a relationship with people. I'm like a real people's person

What do you enjoy about caregiving?
What I like about being a caregiver. I like the bond that you develop with your clients, I like to hear about their life stories, their family, their grandchildren.

What type of experience do you have as a caregiver?
 I worked in an Alzheimer's unit and dementia unit, so it was Alzheimer's, Parkinson, I worked with diabetes, I worked with amputees, I worked with mentally ill patients. [music] My favorite story about my client is one of my clients that I worked with. She was a real sophisticated lady so she liked to be dressed at all times, hair combed, and be dressed in a certain attire every day. She liked to be dressed in a certain color from heel to toe from socks, shoes, underwear had to all be the same color and matching. And she'll just tell me about when she was younger as a dancer.

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