Meet Clairissa
Hi! I'm Clairissa.
Denver · 2 years experience

Bonded & Insured

Hi, I'm Clairissa. I'm in Denver, CO. I have two years experience.

How did you get into caregiving?
I became a caregiver because when I was 16 years old, my great-grandma came to live with my family, and my parents put me in charge of all of her care. I completely fell in love with it and decided I wanted to go into nursing, so I got a job at an assisted living facility as a caregiver. And then I started to go into school, and I got my CNA. And I am currently trying to get enough college credits to go to med school and hopefully become a nurse practitioner or a doctor, depending on whichever one I decide is better. I absolutely love working with people, and my grandma was my inspiration. And to this day, I absolutely love it still, and I have to owe all of my experience and all of my hard work to her.

What advice would you give a new caregiver?
My advice for a new caregiver would be every time you walk in through the door, have a big smile on your face because I believe personally that if your client or your patient sees you happy in the morning and with a smile on your face, it makes them happy and they start off with a good day.

Who is one of your most memorable clients?
A client I will never forget was this elderly man that I worked in-- I was working as a caregiver in the assisted living facility. He was a World War II veteran. He had the most amazing historical stories I've ever heard. He had medals and trophies and all these pictures, and it was just-- it was completely amazing. He and I got very close. And every time that he would get a new caregiver, he wouldn't like them as much because me and him had such a connection that we just laughed and had fun the whole time. So it wasn't-- he wasn't pressured. He wasn't anything like that because we got along so well. He was an amazing man. And just the history and how much I learned from him just by being around him for a short period of time is astonishing to me, and he is the one I will never forget.
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