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Hi! I'm Crystal.
Santa Ana

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Hi, my name is Crystal. I live in Anaheim, CA and I have no experience caregiving but I do have experience working with people.

How did you get into caregiving?
I'm inspired to become a caregiver because my mom is a caregiver herself, and she kind of explained to me what goes on, making sure you're with the patient respectfully helping them out. And even though I have never done caregiving, I have experience working with children, taking care of children. And I also have experience working at a clinic, especially with the diabetic patients. So I had a passion for caregiving then, in a sense, where they would come to the clinic, and I found a passion for that where I went back to school and kind of found my way of really finding myself in how I actually like people. So I think caregiving would be a really great job for me, and I'd be very happy to be trained and see how it goes from there.

What advice would you provide to a new caregiver?
My advice for a caregiver would be you have to have a lot of responsibility. You have to be a person with trust. You have to learn how to gain people's trust. You have to be very polite, and you have to have an open mindset in doing different things. Another one would be integrity, determination to get the job done, and you have to be willing to communicate with the person even though if it causes you to communicate to make sure that the patient understands what you're saying. And most importantly I think you got to have that love for people who are able to help them out and just be there for them.

Who is one of your most memorable clients?
I client I will never forget would be Juanita. I had the pleasure working with her at the Anaheim Clinic where I used to work out for clinical trials. She was such a loving patient. She was a Spanish speaker so I would speak to her in Spanish, and she taught me a lot of words in Spanish that I really didn't know. And the reason why I really loved this patient and I will remember her forever is because she taught me what it was to be patient and to be kind. And I had this passion for Juanita where I always wanted to meet her up for those days that she came into the office to get her bloodwork done because I established a good relationship with her, and she opened up to me about her family and what she was going to do. So I really found her very inspiring for me as a young person and her as an older person. I felt like I learned a lot through her, even though if I was her medical assistant I felt like she had taught me a lot. So Juanita will be remembered.