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Hi my name is Denise, I've been a caregiver for four years and I live in the City of Montebello, CA.

How did you get into caregiving?
I became a caregiver because I took care of my diabetic parents, both of them were elderly and sick with diabetes and other problems. So I took care of my father for 8 years and I took care of my mother for basically 10 years. Both of them passed away but I really was thankful that I was able to be there for them so I take a lot of pride in being there to help people through their difficulty.

What advice would you provide to a new caregiver?
My advice to a new caregiver would be report any kind of changes in condition you observe of the patient, whether it's cough, or their sweaty or they seem to have a temperature or they seem to be confused. Report anything to the nurse on duty and do it on your shift immediately, don't procrastinate.

Who is one of your most memorable clients?
The client I will never forget is a really sweet lady that I was assigned to, she was like 97 years old and she was a former crossing guard and I was too and we had a connection because of our past professions. She had two sons and I would go and take care of her in her home and help her take a shower and I had a connection with this lady because she was born around the same time the mother was and she had a lot of the same values that my mom did. I would really enjoy just spending time with her companionship and helping her with her showering. She was just so sweet and so kind and so grateful and it was just a pleasure to spend my time with her, the time would just go by so fast and I was thankful that I was able to work for her and help her and make her life a little bit easier. 
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