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Hi, my name is Emily. I live in Corpus Christi, TX and I have caregiver experience for about 10 or so years. 

How did you get into caregiving?
I became a caregiver because when I was two years old my mom had a brain aneurysm, and ever since then she's been paralyzed in a wheelchair. So her main support was our family, me, my dad, and my sister. Once I became old enough, I started doing more for her instead of just like, giving her food and stuff. So, I started being able to transfer her, bathe her, change her, anything that she needed to do because she depends on everybody for anything that has to be done. 

What advice would you provide to a new caregiver?
My advice to a new caregiver would be to really get to know the person and understand their habits, and their personality, and everything they like to do because they're a person just like you. And they want personal contact just like you. They want somebody to understand them and know them. And be able to do what they need to be done. But also, just have someone to talk to sometimes and make sure they're not lonely or upset. Just be there for them. That's the biggest advice. 

Who is one of your most memorable clients?
A client I will never forget is Myra. She was my favorite individual that I had over at the state school because she would just light up anytime I walked in the room. I loved doing her hair, and her nails, and everything. She would always giggle anytime I said anything to her. She didn't really speak a lot. She was pretty much nonverbal but just the noises she would make, you could tell that she was happy whenever I was brushing her hair, or doing her nails, or anything. Any small things like that, she appreciated it. And I'll never forget it.
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