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Hi, my name is Esther. I live in Sacramento, CA and I have been a caregiver for five years.

How did you get into caregiving?
I became a caregiver because of my father who needed immediate attention. He had CHF, congestive heart failure, type 2 diabetes, and also became an amputee, and had to go into rehabilitation with a prosthetic. It pushed me into caregiving which I love tremendously. Now have a certificate for medical assistant.

What advice would you provide to a new caregiver?
My advice to a new caregiver would be, to empathize, and to listen, and to communicate with their patient. Always be aware of their due medications. And always make sure the patient is at utmost best care while being in their care.

Who is one of your most memorable clients?
A client I will never forget is my father. He is the sole reason why I became a health care provider, a medical assistant. Going through a transition of being an amputee and going through rehabilitation, and reliving a new life as an amputee has also brought me into the direction of understanding more of health care and being more empathetic towards our patients and elderly, and understanding Medicare, and just always being helpful and empathizing mostly.
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