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Hi! I'm Fabiana.
Novato · 5 years experience

Bonded & Insured

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Can you tell me a little about yourself and how you got into caregiving?
My name is Fabiana. I live in Nevada, Marine County, and I like to do caregiving because I like to work with elderly people.  First I like to work for elderly, as I said, but I also feel very comfortable with them. And if I can help someone feeling better, I'm happy to do it.

Who is one of your most memorable clients?
I had this person before that I worked for for a couple of years, and it was very nice to work with her because we laugh each other a lot of the times. I took interest in whatever she did like painting, and we had a good time because we watched movies too. That's what she wanted to do sometimes, and I know she felt very comfortable with me, and we both had a good time together. Everything she did, like as I said, painting, it was like a hobby for her. And I think she did a beautiful job, so we would talk about her paintings, and she would even give me some of the paintings to me, and I will keep them with me because it was nice pictures that she painted. And I think she liked that because I was interested in what she was doing, and even though she was a very sick person - a lot of the times she wouldn't get up. She would stay in bed all the time, but she was in a good mood when I was there, to talk to me, and she would let me know how she felt. And a lot of the times, she would just tell me, "You know, I don't feel good today. You can just do a little bit of the cleaning or go get some of this for me," and I would just leave because she wasn't feeling good. But she was kind to me, and we were friends. I can say that we were good friends.

What have you learned as a caregiver?
I learned that if I want to work with somebody, I need to respect what they like to do. And I like to think that if I was the sick person, what would I want other people to do for me because I really care about making them feel good.
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