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Hi! I'm Gisela.
Newark · 1 year experience

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How did you become a caregiver?
My inspiration to become a caregiver was from my mother. She is a CNA, and a home caregiver for ten years. On my days off, I used to go to take care, to help her take carre of clients. It was nice to see the way she was treating her clients, so that's how my inspiration started taking care of other people. 

What is an important quality a caregiver should have?
The qualities are to be responsible, to be compassionate, and to bond as a friendship.

What are your strengths as a caregiver?
I think I am a good caregiver because I care about people, I am very compassionate and it's nice to know that there's someone there to help you through your own stuff on a daily basis, and I am very responsible at that. So, I think it's nice to make a change in every person. 
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