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Fremont · 3 years experience

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Hi, my name is Gursewak.I live in Fremont, CA and I have 3 years of caregiving experience.
How did you get into caregiving?
During my nursing degree, during my training time, I'm assigned to a hospital duty for training. I'm on duty and I see one patient is very helping me. She's a female, like a 75-year-old. One day, she discharged from the hospital. After that day, her family member approached me to a part-time job caregiver to spend time with her. I just say, "Yes." I start that because I thinking about just my path for some extra money for my pocket money. I start the job then I'm very happy with her. I'm attached to her family then I provide her care properly. I like this job. Up to that time, I start my job as a caregiver my career then I choose two more patients. I'm working with the family friendly environment.​ Yeah, I'm learning from my clients, but stay always cool and calm to patients. They are the clients, the patients. Dealing with gently on the care. All the activities are due to play a client's priority like dealing with emotionally, like never aggressive. If a client is aggressive, never-- like fought that with kind then deal client gently or underlying heart situation or never show frustration or stress like the client and dealing with support to family and client psychologically and emotionally just because of the patient something like new.​

Who is one of your most memorable clients?
I never forget my client. Her name is Cline. She is my first client. During my training time, she attached to me emotionally. She asked her family from caregiver job. They approached me then I start my job. She loves me like my grandmother. Always I'm caring her about her emotionally and psychologically especially during when she is alone, her husband passed away, then I approached her, provide support to her psychologically and emotionally. I'm helping to her physically. I listen to her carefully. Actually, she is very talkative. She wants to share her experience with me, her past experience. I'm listening to her like very gently and clearly and always I'm putting question her like a child and call the time memories. She always sharing with me just her memory and I love her. Sometimes she's aggressive and I deal with her very cool and calmly. After that, she says, "Sorry." When I'm leaving the USA from India, she gave me a gold gift and always she write a letter for me.
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