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How did you get into caregiving?
I became a caregiver because I just have the interest in helping our elderly and I'm very understanding, patience, compassionate person.

Who is your most memorable client?
Of all of my clients that I like, is a lady named Jackie. She lives in California. But she's really a loving lady. She's really caring, just pretend to be her own daughter. She has one son and it was like we were one family, we would do everything together. I would push her on her wheelchair and we'll walk up the mountains back down. She loves to read. She loves to smell the flowers around the neighborhood. And loves to watch TV, newspaper. And she's really Christian. She likes to read the bible as well. All that matters to her is that she has someone to care for her, that's all.

What are some tips you can give to a new caregiver?
My advice to a new caregiver is just treat that own client of yours, if it's a guy or a lady, treat them as your own parents. It's like- - or your grandparents. It's like you're taking care of your own parents, or your mom or dad's parents, like your grandpa and grandma. If you show your love to that person, then they will show their love to you and it'll be like your own family. Because once you take care of that person, you're already their family and they're already your family, because you live and stay and take care of them.

What is your proudest moment of being a caregiver?
The proudest moment for me being a caregiver is taking care of the clients. When I was young I grew up with my grandparents. My mother used to work as a caregiver and as part as a nurse. I would say home with my grandparents and I grew up with them. Growing up with them was like taking care of them. And up to went to high school, I took care of my grandparents. And I think I just got it from my mom from taking care of elders. Sometimes, my cousins, they say that I'm really boring because I like to stay with the seniors instead of going out with them and partying. So I just love to take care of them it's just like treating-- it's like looking back like I'm taking care of my own grandparents and my parents, maybe one day. But that's all.
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