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Hi, my name is Jujille, I live in Hayward and have 2 years experience as a Certified Personal Health Aid. 

What inspired you to become a caregiver?

I was a registered nurse in the Philippines, actually, and I decided that I should have the options of continuing my career in the United States. I took an exam - both a practical and written exam - as caregiver, and I passed all the required curriculum. Now I have a certificate as a caregiver.

What is a piece of advice that you would provide to a new caregiver?
I think one piece of advice that I could give to a caregiver particularly - or any other medical profession - that professions such as these are not actually very simple, but rather this is a devotion. One has to put his or her heart in what he or she is doing because you're dealing with people. The essence of this type of job is caring. That's why it's called "caregiver" and that's the heart of the profession. One has to know how to love his job.

Who is one of your most memorable clients?
I had this client in the hospital and I was really, really amazed. This man who was a cardiovascular patient, and was so strong with his situation despite of the hardship, even though he had slurred speech. I continued helping him, and was always so positive regarding his situation, and I appreciated him very much. As time went by things worked out and he had a very good recovery period. We became friends, actually. Even when I come play to America, we still kept in touch. This has been a very incomparable experience on my part.
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