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Hi, my name is Juliet. I live in Los Angeles, CA and I've been a caregiver for six years.

How did you get into caregiving?
I became a caregiver because of the love I have for my fellow human being. I became a caregiver because everybody is a family to me. I love to share the true love of God with compassion to help save and change the lives of both the young and the elderly with compassionate care. I like to put a smile on the faces of those I take care. I became a caregiver to share God's love and to be part of somebody's life.

What advice would you provide to a new caregiver?
My advice to a new caregiver would be, to be willing to learn new skills, to be mindful of details. You should care with the best knowledge you have for your clients. You should show compassion every time with them as your family member. Make them part and parcel of you. Let them to feel happy, to feel moved each time they see you because you are the only one they trust to take care of them at that time. My second advice is, as a new caregiver you should be a good listener. You should be reliable. You should be punctual. You should be an advocate for your client.

Who is one of your most memorable clients?
A client I will never forget is Charlie. He's 53 years old. Charlie was my best friend and he called me his best friend. Charlie was suffering from dementia and Charlie needed to be helped to get his memory back. The time I got Charlie he wasn't able to play scrabble, he wasn't able to play games, or do parts in his life. By the special grace of God, I was able to help him regain consciousness and how to play games.
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