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Hi, my name is Jully. I live in Hawthorne, CA. I've been a caregiver for nine years.

How did you get into caregiving?
What inspired me to be a caregiver is because of my mom. My mom was so sick and nobody to take care of her and because of that I decided that I should take care of my mom instead of doing other work. Then, I went to school. After I went to school and I finished my CNA. I continued taking care of my mom until my mom died. May her soul rest in peace. Then, I still have pleasure in caring for the old ones. I'm interested in taking care of anybody need of my help. Whenever I remember my mother, I do the same to other people.

What advice would you provide to a new caregiver?
My advice to this young caregiver, because I know how it was quite an experience as a caregiver, I would like them to be diligent, and be careful on how they're treating the old ones because the old ones are fragile. They should give them good care. They should not mistreat them because whatever you do, God sees you. I'm a Christian by nature so I would like the old and the young caregivers to be careful and give good care to the older ones because one day, you are going to be old too. So that is the advice I can give them, to give good care and be careful.

Who is one of your most memorable clients?
The client I remember is one of my clients who loved the way I took care of her. Whenever I'm not at work, she does not feel happy. She will be asking them, "Where is Jully? Where is Julie?" Whenever I can't work, they will be asking me, "What have you done to this woman that whenever you are not at work, she will keep on calling, 'Where is Julie? Where is Julie?'" Why, that is all I'm saying. If you give somebody care, take that person as your own family, as your own personal family, and take good care of that person and they will still remember you. I remember whenever I come to work, she will ask me, "When is your day off?" She will ask me more than 10 times. 
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