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Hi, my name is Latishia. I have 14 years of experience as a caregiver. And I live in the city of Barstow, CA. 

How did you get into caregiving?
I became a caregiver because I have two children that I've been caring for for about 15 years with two special needs. And they got me into the business as a medical assistant. So, I've been in the medical field because of such. And I've taken care of all types of different people as far as health wise, cancer patients, AIDS patients, mentally ill patients, all sorts of care for just the mentally challenged. So, I've done it for 14 years and I'm looking for a job permanently to retire on.

What advice would you provide to a new caregiver?
My advice to a new caregiver would be to stay strong, because mentally and physically you must be ready to care for any type of patient with any type of problems that they may have in life.

Who is one of your most memorable clients?
A client I will never forget is Ms. Carol. She was memorable as far as her way that she was as a person. She only had three more months to live. And her family was fighting for her. And they took her away from the company. So, we lost her. And she was the most memorable client that I remember as far as I can know as far as this time. I really enjoyed her. She was fun to be with. I traveled with her just for the short time that I did care for her. I will never forget her.
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