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Hi. My name is Lhakpa. I live in El Cerrito, CA, and I have been working as caregiver for 2 years.

How did you get into caregiving?
I became caregiver because I have a grandfather, he's my dad's father, and I've been living with him like seven years when I was young because my dad and mom was out to the city, and we live in the village with my grandfather. I'm really attached with him, but I really just love him, like he's like everything for me. But he passed away. But during that time, I really enjoyed living with him. I like elderly people and talking to them, and help them, and just listen to their stories. And I help him to cut his hair, trim his nails, take him appointment, everything. So that's how I like to work with the elderly people. So when I came to United States, I started working as a caregiver, and I apply for the same.

What advice would you provide to a new caregiver?
My advice to the new caregiver is, as my experience, we really need a patience, a really good patience. You can't be like, "Hurry up," or do things fast, yell at people. So they can't do as fast as you can do it. And the other thing is you really need to have a compassion. You have to treat them like your grandfather or your family member. Make sure you complete your job. Just make sure they're safe. Just look around.

Who is one of your most memorable clients?
My client that I never forget is Grace. She had a stroke, and I take care of her almost like a five month in her home, and she is really wonderful lady. She's like 89, and she do have little bit dementia, but she does think by own. She's really wonderful, and I enjoy working with her. And she need her information, I can give her. And I take her to appointment, therapy, this appointment. We go out to eat. I take her to different nursing home to meet her husband almost every day. And just I really enjoyed working with her.

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