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Can you tell me a little about yourself and how you got into caregiving?
My name is Malia and I am from Tunda. I lived over at East Palo Alto over 30 years. Right now, I'm working with the elderly people and then I'm working with the elderly people over 15 to 20 years. And then I really loves to work with the elderly people. So, I became a caregiver for the first time. I'm working with these patients, Alzheimer or dementias. I have feeling-- I have a heart of myself, loving those people, and they like what I'm saying. I was having a class with the person from Stanford Hospital, showing us how to look after those patients, and on that day I was putting that on myself. That I'm going to go for that, to work together to help those people that have that disease. So, I'm going to get it with the elderlies of having that disease, like what I'm saying. I'm trying to let them play cards with me, and then sometimes I have to tell them to tell me a story. And then they don't remember things from now, but they remember things from the past - long time ago. I am a very caring, loving, and very personality. I've looked after the elderly, especially those people with dementia and Alzheimer. Not only that, but there is some other clients that I am going, for the agency, just for fill in. It's not dementia but they having Parkinson, but I compare for those two patients. Alzheimer and dementia is my goal because Parkinson's is a little bit harder for me because those patients is not-- you gotta sit still.


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