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Hi! I'm Marcela.
Santa Rosa · 2 years experience

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Can you tell me a little about yourself and how you got into caregiving?
Hi, I'm Marcela I live in Santa Rosa, California. I have been working as a caregiver since two years ago. So what inspired me to be a caregiver is the way I saw my mother-in-law taking care of the grandma for many, many years, and I liked that, and I think I have so many love to give them, especially I'm a person with a lot of patience.

Who is one of your most memorable clients?
The client I never forget is a lady who I love so much, and she started with a problem with Alzheimer, and I passed with her a very difficult time, but I always show her my support and I know she loved me. She loves me so much, just like I love her.

What are your strengths as a caregiver?
I'm a great caregiver because I can open my heart, and I try like my family. I see in them a family, a [mother?]. And I think I can feel that empathy with them, with my patient. I'm a very good listener.

What is your proudest moment as a caregiver?
My proudest moment was with my favorite client and my friend. She was always trying to take medicine, and we have to give them always like a banana, and we have very hard tie because she was always asphyxiating, and I can't save her life and support that.
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