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Can you tell me a little about yourself and how you got into caregiving?
Hi, my name is Quanisha Daniels. I live in Bay Point, and I've been caregiving for 4 years now. I became a caregiver because I thought no one could take care of my grandmother like I could. She had a lot going on with her. She had problems breathing, she had to get surgeries on her knee. I had to give her medication, eye drops, breakfasts, just everything. So that’s why I got into caregiving, for her.

Who is the first client that comes to your mind?
Of all the people I’ve cared for, the first one that comes to my mind is Mr. Bill. He's a tough guy and he's mean, but he loves me. He didn't want to take his medicine; he didn't want to do anything. He ended up growing on me. He always had a way to make me laugh, he always made me smile. What I admire most about Mr. Bill was that he knew exactly what he wanted and when he wanted it. He was very particular about his breakfast; about what he drank. It had to be perfect, and he wasn't accepting it any other way. He knew what he wanted.
What piece of advice would you give to a new caregiver?
If I could give one piece of advice to a new caregiver, I would tell them to love their client as if it was their own grandmother, or their own grandfather, or their own aunt, or uncle because I treat them how I would treat my family.

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