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Filipino (Tagalog)
Hello. My name is Raul. I live in Granada Hills,CA. I have been a caregiver for 13 years.

How did you get into caregiving?
I have been a caregiver because I've seen the struggles my uncles and elderly relatives have experienced just doing their duties of daily living, and I've seen how hard it is. And I guess everyone is going to go through that, going to be aged or elder, and it's an honorable way to help out other people, especially their ability.

What advice would you provide to a new caregiver?
My advice to a new caregiver would be to always make safety of the person you're working for, or the elderly, a priority. Treat them with respect, and always observe what they want, what they say verbally or sometimes implied.

Who is one of your most memorable clients?
The client I would never forget is a 65-year old client who has the mind of a teenager. When his parents died, his best friend was put into management position to hire caregivers, and manage them, and make sure things are okay and caregivers abiding by rules. He's my favorite client so far, and I was happy being with him. I would have to get the other guy, the other caregiver, when I arrive wasn't there, and I talked to the manager, the best friend of the client, who told me, "Don't tell anyone about it." And it was abuse. He won't believe me, but I got it on recording, actually, and I just told him that never let it happen again. Unfortunately, it happened again and I cannot take that. I cannot take that. It's like being a traitor, especially he's your childhood best friend, and I have to report it to the agency. Fortunately, person was really holding the money, or the trustee of the client lives in Arizona, and I was ready to call him about what is happening, but I called the agency first. I think that was the right thing to do. I told them if they don't call the relative, I'll be the one to call him. So they called him, and yes, they made an arrangement. Instead of home health, instead of taking care of him inside his house, they put him in assisted living. It was really sad because in assisted living, there's a timetable. Everything they do has a timetable. Time to sleep, time to eat. If you didn't eat much during this time period, then it's over. You can't have anymore. They have a regimen. So while at home, when the client is-- whatever he wants, he can get, anytime, any food he wants, and he can go out if he wanted. But not in assisted living. And so after two months, he decided that he doesn't have to be at assissted living facility, but my conscience can't take the fact that he was being abused by other caregivers and the client's childhood best friend. Unfortunately, just after two months in assisted living, he passed away, and it was very sad.
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