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Can you tell me a little about yourself and how you got into caregiving?
Hello, my name is Susan. I live in Oakland, and I've been a caregiver for over 20 years.  I became a caregiver while I was working in a nursing home as a housekeeper. The owner of the nursing home asked me if I wanted to be a certified nurse's assistant. I said yes. Ever since then, I went to the school, and got my certification, and became a certified nurse's assistant. I've been doing-- a nursing assistant for 18 years in nursing home and hospitals. After that, I became a home health caregiver for over ten years now.

Who is one of your most memorable clients?
One of my favorite patients is a 91-year-old woman who has Alzheimer's and dementia. She's a very wonderful woman, and she considered me like her daughter. I've been working with her for like, 24/7, and we developed friendship and a mother-daughter relationship. She will ask me sometimes who is these people around her, and I said, "That's your daughter, that's your son, and that's your husband, and that's your granddaughter, and this and that," and she will smile at them and say hello. After that, she said, "I'm tired - want to go back to bed."

What makes you a great caregiver?
In the nursing home, coworkers or supervisors is telling me that I'm a good caregiver. I care for every patient that's in that nursing home, and when I see something is wrong, I really wanted to help that nurse's aid to get her patients get better. I just not feeling well if I see the patients have been neglected. I cannot just go the day without helping that person and get that patients to get better. [music] My proudest moment is when I have a patient's in one nursing home that has a bedsore in his back, and for a month or so, I cured that bedsore - was about half an inch deeper and, I don't know, about a quarter round. The administrator in that nursing home recognized my hard work, and I got two certificate for recognition, and so much gift card, and a lot of See's candy . A family member do the same thing - gave me a certificate, and a gift card, and a bag of See's candy that I can't even eat all of it, so I have to give it away. That patient is a very typical one, and we get along good, and he follow all the direction that I told him, so we can get that bedsore better.

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