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How did you become a caregiver?
I got into caregiving because of a family friend who was going through some things with her mother. Who was going through the early stages of dementia, and she just needed a vacation. My mom and myself could really tell, so we just kinda took over for her to get some releivef because it was just her and her mother for so long. That really taught me patience and that just taught me the different stages in  dealing with an elder person who you don't really understand what's going on, just that they are changing from the strong person that they used to be to just basically a child again. 

Who is one of your most memoriable clients?
There was a client that I developed a relationship with. She was in her late 80s, we would sing, and dance and just have a great time at the senior center that I volunteered at. It just really taught me responsiblity that you have to have, as well as the love that also comes with building the relationsihp with someone that I didn't ever imagine having one with. It was really sad when she didn't eventually she passed away and didn't come to the center anymore. 

What have you learned from caregiving?
A couple of things I have learned from working with dementia patients are being patient, as well as being able to be a leader and lead them in the right direction when they are feeling lost or they feel like they don't understand what is going on. You just have to pretty much put them in a positive space, something more familiar, a happy moment or pictures. It's basically putting their minds at ease and making them feel more comfortable where ever they are now and just bringing them back, so everything can work out perfectly for the situation.

People tell me that I am a great caregiver because I have multiple brothers and sisters so I know all about love. Geninue love and compassion. Just being there when someone needs a hug, I am the one to go to if you just need an ear to listen, or you need me to run and grab your kid after school, I know that's not part of the job. Or if something needs to be cleaned, let's not talk about it and lets just get it done and continue on. People just love my personality, I'm very easy going, as well as understanding. All around I guess it's just my personality.
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